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Location Map & Directions

As one of Port Elizabeth's largest Centres, Greenacres Shopping Centre is easy to find. Situated in the heart of the city, this kilometre-long shopping complex is just off the well-known Cape Road in Newton Park.

Directions from the PE Airport to Greenacres Shopping Centre

  • As you leave the airport, turn left into Allister Miller Drive
  • Turn right into 3rd Avenue
  • Go over the railway line - You will see hockey fields on your right
  • Go over the stop street - carry on till you get to Heugh Road
  • Turn left into Heugh Road - carry on till you get to 8th Avenue - you will see a Shopping Centre on your right
  • Turn right into 8th Avenue and go straight over 1 robot - carry on going straight - you will go under a foot bridge. The road goes downhill, turn right at the next robots (you can only turn left or right
  • You will now be in Target Kloof - carry on with Target Kloof - the road winds a bit - at the 2nd set of robots turn left into Cape Road
  • Keep on going down Cape Road- you will go past a few sets of robots.
  • When you get to the Greenacres Hospital on your right hand side' turn right into the next set of robots - into Greyville -
  • You are now at Greenacres

GPS co-ordinates: South 33° 56' 97" East 25° 34' 67"